Rings of mechanical seals

The mechanical seals use to seal the rotating shafts of pumps, mixers and other equipment.

There are several types of mechanical seals:

    Double type "Tandem"
    Dry gas seal

The rings of mechanical seals (rotary and stationary) are the most important parts of the seal, the reliability of the entire assembly depends directly on the work.

All types of ring sizes for mechanical seals such as ONP, ONT,ONK, UT, TM, BO. DK, DNM, DNK, DNT, USG, UTD, UTT etc. are produced in series.

Non-standard rings are making according to customer's drawings.

Variants of material execution of the rings of mechanical seals:

    Reaction-bonded silicon carbide (SCR-Si1, SCR-Si2)
    Sintered Silicon Carbide (SCR-S)
    Aluminum oxide (ALOX-HP-1, ALOX-HP-2)
    The hard alloy (BK8, BH8)

On the rings for dry gas seals, it is possible to apply grooves.

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