High tech technical ceramics Co. Ltd. was founded by specialists of leading industrial institutes in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2007.


Our company manufactures, complex develops, supplies, introduces and upgrades products from technical ceramics, cemented carbide and graphite. We provide services for the manufacture, repair and renovation of special high-temperature equipment as well. In addition, our company provides services for R&D, analytical research within our specialization.


High tech technical ceramics Co. Ltd. is a strong team of material science specialists, engineers, designers, technologists and marketing experts.


We have established contacts with the world’s leading and domestic manufacturers of ceramic and cemented carbide materials, leading industry institutes and track all the latest trends in this field.


The introduction of ceramic and carbide materials in production requires a special study of each case, taking into account technological and market nuances. The specialists of our company have all the necessary experience for the most complete solution of the customer’s problem and developing an optimal offer.


Among our customers are chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, oil and gas, mining, mining and concentrating, paper, metallurgy, power, electrical, electronic, glass and other industries.


We will be glad to answer all your questions.