Cemented carbides (WC + Me, TiC + Me, TiCN + Me) have an exceptional set of properties, such as:

  • high hardness;
  • high crack resistance (much higher than ceramic materials);
  • high strength (much higher than ceramic materials);
  • high density (much higher than ceramic materials).


All these combinations make the material irreplaceable in production of wear-resistant products for the variety of industries.


The main applications are:

  • bearings for pumps and compressors;
  • rings of mechanical seals;
  • elements of valves and stop valves;
  • lining for protection from wear and corrosion;
  • sorting wheels of various grinding machinery;
  • crusher knifes;
  • shafts of extruders (screws), nozzles of extruders (cores);
  • drags, eyes, dies, thread guides;
  • nozzles;
  • products for metallurgical industry;
  • cutting tools;
  • mining tools;
  • road machinery tools;
  • landing matrices;
  • rollers for rolled steel products;
  • matrices for the synthesis of diamonds;
  • mold inserts.


Cemented carbide types vary by the content of the main (ceramic) phase (WC, TiC, TiCN, their mixture, etc.) and metallic binder (Co, Ni, etc.).


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