At present, wear-resistant parts made of ceramic materials, cemented and graphite are an integral part of pumps, compressors, turbines and pipeline fittings.

Main applications:

  • installations of the electric centrifugal pumps;
  • pipeline accessories;
  • rod deep pum;
  • pumps to maintain pattern pressur;
  • rotary-plate vacuum pumps;
  • sealed pum;
  • plunger pumps;
  • slurry and mud pumps;
  • main line and supporting pum;
  • power and feed pumps;
  • various compressors and turbines.


Advantage of ceramic materials:

  • excellent wear resistance;
  • excellent corrosion resistance;
  • excellent coefficient of friction;
  • high thermal conductivity (heat removal from the friction zone, reduction of the temperature gradient and, accordingly, temperature stresses and deformations);
  • high modulus of elasticity (resistance to force deformations);
  • low temperature coefficient of linear expansion;
  • manufacturability (the possibility of providing a high quality surface treatment).




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