Aluminum nitride (AlN) is the only material of technical ceramics that has a combination of very high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulating properties.


Main properties:

  • high thermal conductivity;
  • excellent electrical insulation properties;
  • strength;
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • good metallization ability.


Main applications:

  • blanks for ceramic printed circuit boards;
  • substrates for metallization on thick-film and thin-film technologies;
  • polished substrates for metallization on thin-film technology;
  • substrates for LEDs;
  • substrates for laser diodes;
  • precision substrates for microwave GIS and microassemblies with a high density holes and indentations for crystals;
  • multiple cards for sets of resistors, rheostats, fuel level sensors, pressure, etc.;
  • carriers of schemes of poisonous substances, ionizing radiation, magnetic field sensors etc.;
  • plates for ionizers and ozonizers of air;
  • insulating pads for removing heat from electronic components to the cooling radiator;
  • protectors for elements of piezoelectric transducers;
  • bases and holders of flat heating elements, crystals of high-power semiconductor devices;
  • plates for thermoelectric modules (Peltier elements);
  • screens for radio frequency plasma generators;
  • crucibles.



Basic properties of the material


Properties Material Grade
Density, g/sm3 3,3
Vickers hardness , GPa 11
Bending strength, MPa 320
Young modulus , GPa 320
Thermal conductivity, W/(m·K) 180
Coefficient of thermal liner expantion, 10-6/ºК 4,7-5,6
Electrical strength, kV/mm 16
Volume resistivity, Ohm·m >1012
Dielectric capacitivity 8,9


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