Crucibles, pots, stirrers, glass frit for optical glass melting









Critical products (pots, crucibles, mixers) from ceramic materials are used in the manufacturing of optical glass.


Special requirements apply to ceramic materials for optical glass making, such as:

  • high purity material suitable for optical melting;
  • high glass resistance and corrosion resistance;
  • lack of interaction of ceramics with glass melt;
  • low wettability by glass melts;
  • resistance to thermal shock (heat resistance);
  • refractoriness;
  • shape stability and strength at maximum operating temperature;
  • low thermal expansion coefficient.


Ceramic materials are used in optical glass making for the production of the following products:

  • crucibles, pots for pot-type glass melting furnaces;
  • screw and paddle mixers;
  • elements of lining pot and bath-type furnaces.


The main material performance:


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