Feeder products for packaging industryCeramic feeder critical products are used in bath-type furnaces in the process of glass making at the production of glass containers. Special strict requirements are applied to materials of feeder elements.



Ceramic materials for feeder elements have the following properties:

  • high glass resistance and corrosion resistance;
  • resistance to long-term dynamic effects of molten glass;
  • high purity of material;
  • resistance to thermal shock (heat resistance);
  • refractoriness;
  • low wettability by glass melts;
  • low thermal expansion coefficient.


Serially manufactured feeder products:

  • glasses;
  • bushings;
  • plungers;
  • bowls


as well as other elements of glass furnaces:

  • gates;
  • burners;
  • furnace lining elements.


The main material performance:


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