Disilicide-molybdenum heatersDisilicide-molybdenum heaters (MoSi2) are designed for both continuous and periodic operation in a neutral medium, vacuum and oxidizing environment up to 1800°С.

One of the unique advantages of a disilicide-molybdenum heater is the formation a protective film of silicon dioxide on the surface, which prevents further oxidation of the heater material.




Also, disilicide-molybdenum heaters have the following advantages:

  • increase in resistance with increasing temperature, which provides faster heating;
  • constant resistance during the whole service life, which makes it easier to replace old heaters with new ones;
  • high load at high temperatures, which allows heating to a higher temperature on a small volume of the furnace.


Main applications:

  • sintering of ferrites, technical ceramics and refractories;
  • glass industry;
  • growing crystals etc.


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