AAS tubesAtomic Absorption Spectrometers (AAS-spectrometers) are devices designed for quantitative elemental analysis by atomic spectra absorption.


Transformation of the analyzed object into an atomized state and formation of an absorbing vapor layer of a specific and reproducible form is carried out in an atomizer – graphite tubes. To eliminate the diffusion of vapors through the walls and increase the service life, the graphite tubes are covered with a layer of gas impermeable pyrolytic graphite.


Graphite tubes and graphite contacts (graphite electrodes) of HiTech Technical Ceramics are made of dense highly pure graphite with a high-quality pyrolytic coating.


We produce tubes and contacts for devices: PerkinElmer, Lumex-Atompribor (MGA-915), Saturn (Graphite), Hitachi, Shimadzu, ThermoElectron (ThermoFisher), GBC, Varian, Unicam, Analytik Jena and others.


In addition, we cooperate fruitfully with the world’s leading producers of graphite tubes with a pyrolytic coating and, at the request of the customer, can supply their products at competitive prices.


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